Changelog for Online Update no. 01

Installation Software update

Bugfixes and features - released on 07.05.2020

  1. Update to patch level 01
  2. IX-2960: Portlets
    Optimize drag & drop
  3. IX-3299: IIS as a reverse proxy
    Website host is not considered for the base URL
  4. IX-6359: Calendar
    Multiple calendars on a view page do not function
  5. IX-6607: Intrexx Share - "Like" action
    Showing users causes errors
  6. IX-6804: LDAP
    Auth handleloginresponse.vm not patched
  7. IX-7014: Intrexx Share - Links to profiles
    The last two characters are cut off
  8. IX-7071: Data navigation
    does not save
  9. IX-7072: Data navigation
    The button is not displayed when switching to another data record
  10. IX-7160: Drop-down list
    Dependencies - a filter functions only every other time if one list filters another
  11. IX-7307: Insert data record
    Instead of opening an edit page that has just been integrated into the free layout table, the originally integrated page is opened
  12. IX-7379: NGINX reverse proxy
    Portal with NGINX as the reverse proxy cannot be created under the headless installation
  13. IX-7386: Portlet settings
    Resetting the portlet settings deletes the Login portlet
  14. IX-7438: Web service provider settings
    Five-digit port number makes the edit field collapse
  15. IX-7447: Expert-Attribut
    Wert eines Attributs mit doppelten Anführungszeichen - Text wird abgeschnitten bzw. kaputtes HTML generiert
  16. IX-7447: Expert attribute
    If an attribute's value contains quotation marks, the text is cut off or broken HTML is generated
  17. IX-7533: Certificates
    When selecting a certificate for the SSL encryption, the path of the client computer is used
  18. IX-7570: Global timer
    cannot be edited on Mac OSX
  19. IX-7610: FileWalker
    Search results cannot be opened
  20. IX-7649: Importing a schema
    from Intrexx Version 18.03 does not work correctly
  21. IX-7686: Process event sources
    Some event sources do not reset the thread context correctly if there are problems with database connections
  22. IX-7698: Filter properties - Subquery
    The "Current application" option displays different applications
  23. IX-7700: Document Management 3.0
    Some file names do not allow files to be uploaded
  24. IX-7705: Data transfer
    no longer works correctly between two portals
  25. IX-7738: Software update
    On Linux, execution permissions are lost with the online update
  26. IX-7767: Free layout table
    Parameters are not saved Parameter werden nicht gespeichert
  27. IX-7769: Button
    with "Text" as the type: Link text is not applied when the link is selected
  28. IX-7773: View table
    Error when selecting custom styles
  29. IX-7787: Importing a schema
    from Intrexx Version 18.03 does not function correctly
  30. IIX-7791: Dynamic view
    is rendered with an additional surrounding span in a tableless layout
  31. IX-7811: Menus
    Handling of overlapping jumps in the browser such as when the first page is not completely processed
  32. IX-7848: Data navigation
    Saving the current data record overwrites the next or previous data record, respectively
  33. IX-7888: Button
    is hidden even though all parameters are available
  34. IX-7889: Application export
    Custom lib\extensions are extracted correctly on Windows (Server/Client) but not on Windows client/Linux Server
  35. IX-7903: Calculation
    cannot access the current values in a free layout table
  36. IX-7926: "Image URL" control type
    Properties dialog is not shown correctly if the control type is selected in a view table column
  37. IX-7941: Applications
    Problems with the app system / Content Management System
  38. IX-7943: Document Management System
    Error when saving, search does not work
  39. IX-7957: TinyMCE
    No longer possible to upload images in the browser
  40. IX-7986: Application import
    Referenced file data field is not found
  41. IX-7932: Calendar application
    Opening and saving an appointment can cause a JS exception
  42. IX-8001: Export appointment
    does not work
  43. IX-8002: Software update
    Error due to insufficient permissions (Portal Manager was not started as the administrator)
  44. IX-8010: "Forum" application
    Image paths are not defined correctly
  45. IX-8021: Certificates
    Message for blank passwords is not clear
  46. IX-8092: Upgrade
    Portal patcher problems
  47. IX-8095: Resource application
    Clicking on a working week with appointments causes errors
  48. IX-8100: "Telephone" protocol in a view field
    is outputted as "tel:"
  49. IX-8141: Charts
    perform a SELECT * FROM TABLE on the database
  50. IX-8148: Missing licenses
    are not reported in the browser
  51. IX-8156: Data Picker
    Not possible to navigate through the results list with the arrow keys
  52. IX-8174: Chart
    Line graph does not work
  53. IX-8182: Data Picker
    If the sorting order is changed in the browser, all values are shown instead of the filtered values
  54. IX-8196: SystemCare
    Portal files cannot be opened with the supervisor service
  55. IX-8197: Groovy
    Enable Groovy closures as AfterCommitActions
  56. IX-8217: Data Picker
    in listbox (unordered list) refreshes again and again
  57. IX-8282: Tagging in Share
    Suggestions are shown every second keystroke
  58. IX-8725: Poll
    Option cannot be created