Intrexx Share 3.1.3 - Changelog

Intrexx Share 3.1 Changelog

Bugfixes and features

  1. SHARE-1737: Comments
    Inserted screenshots are cropped in comments
  2. SHARE-2020: Polls module
    Cannot see which users have clicked on "Like"
  3. SHARE-2039: Events module
    Event descriptions - Enable links
  4. SHARE-2109: Polls module
    Change vote retroactively
  5. SHARE-2196: Polls module
    Adjust vote styling
  6. SHARE-2228: Polls module
    Empty category field throws an exception
  7. SHARE-2233: Events module
    Event plugin - Line break before "Where" if there is enough space
  8. SHARE-2322: Events module
    "Invited" filter does not work
  9. SHARE-2363: Chat module
    Recipient does not see the chat window when he/she receives a message
  10. SHARE-2420: Filebox module
    Create folder - Field with the GUID is visible in the lower area
  11. SHARE-2444: Chat module
    Incorrect chat if the chat is from a group with all group members
  12. SHARE-2445: Chat module
    Number of new messages is not updated
  13. SHARE-2448: Groups module
    Text exceeds the borders of the post portlet
  14. SHARE-2460: Chat module
    Footer overlaps chats
  15. SHARE-2520: Profiles module
    Skills level of 10 exceeds the intended slider
  16. SHARE-2529: News module
    Dummy image is missing
  17. SHARE-2535: Personal settings
    Button text is not center-aligned
  18. SHARE-2536: Intrexx Share layout
    Labels above textboxes do not always have the same margins and color
  19. SHARE-2540: Intrexx Share layout
    Bottom margin is sometimes missing (e.g. for buttons)
  20. SHARE-2541: Intrexx Share layout
    Date pickers have different margins to their respective edit field
  21. SHARE-2544: Intrexx Share layout
    Different look for posts and comments
  22. SHARE-2546: Intrexx Share layout
    Magnifying glass and plus icons are not well positioned
  23. SHARE-2547: Intrexx Share layout
    Redundant space
  24. SHARE-2549: Intrexx Share layout
    Tooltip positioning is sometimes incorrect
  25. SHARE-2552: Groups module
    "Entries" column heading when selecting users is displaced
  26. SHARE-2554: Intrexx Share layout
    Headings are not all the same
  27. SHARE-2556: Intrexx Share layout
    Buttons have no margins and are displaced
  28. SHARE-2558: Intrexx Share layout
    Text boxes with icons are not all positioned the same
  29. SHARE-2570: Projects module
    Mouse behavior on the Kanban board
  30. SHARE-2571: Projects module
    Kanban board - crooked tiles
  31. SHARE-2573: Groups module
    No plausibility check
  32. SHARE-2594: Chat module
    Multiple selection - "no entry" displaced
  33. SHARE-2595: Chat module
    Share group synchronization
  34. SHARE-2633: Chat module
    Incorrect appearance when groups are under "Favorites"
  35. SHARE-2642: Connections portlet
    Text exceeds the portlet borders
  36. SHARE-2647: Global search
    Tasks - Appearance is too narrow
  37. SHARE-2651: Polls module
    Feed in the global search causes errors
  38. SHARE-2660: Chat module
    Images in chat history
  39. SHARE-2661: Chat module
    Can only chat with users with an email address
  40. SHARE-2684: Chat module
    Click on "Reply" is unnecessary
  41. SHARE-2703: Global search
    Search results layout
  42. SHARE-2705: News module
    "Start post from module" button not clear
  43. SHARE-2714: Intrexx Share processes
    ix-usergruppe in groups: deleted users can still be found as group members
  44. SHARE-2748: News module
    Mandatory field check checks two pages at the same time
  45. SHARE-2766: Profiles module
    Change how images open
  46. SHARE-2768: Intrexx Share layout
    No more "Share_Container" in the options
  47. SHARE-2770: Intrexx Share layout
    Share administrators have no inline style on the profile page