Windows - Command line installation

Intrexx can also be installed by using the command line. To do so, open the Windows command line (Start menu / Run…, then enter "cmd"), then navigate to the download package and enter the following text:
The corresponding installation parameters will be queried. However, you also have the option to transfer a file called "" that contains all parameters. The command line call will then look like the following:
consolesetup.bat --configFile=<path to file>\
The "" file must be created manually. Please enter the corresponding parameters to the file in the following manner:
#Intrexx installation configuration
#TCP-Port for Supervisor Service (default 7960)

#Portal server installation 

#Optional Client (set to false for headless installation) 

#Webserver Connector (set to true, if IIS is used) 

#Installation Directory (e.g. c\:\\program files\\intrexx),; please escape special characters with \
installation.dir=c\:\\program files\\intrexx 

#Source directory, where the setup files are located; please escape special characters with \

#Oracle database support (set to true, if an Oracle DB is used) 

#Apache Derby database installation

#Apache Tomcat Installation, set to true if you want to use Tomcat as webserver 


#Advanced Settings for JRE installed Systems