Connector for Microsoft Exchange - Troubleshooting

Connector for Microsoft Exchange

1. MediaGateway configuration

1.1 No access to Intrexx MediaGateway

If errors occur when testing the connection to the Administrator account, please check the following points. To successfully log in, the following login information needs to be entered correctly:

1.2 No access to Exchange account

If errors occur when testing the connection to the Exchange account, please check the following points.

1.2.1. Exchange 2010 / 2016

2. Kerberos - Exchange 2010 / 2016

2.1 Modify EWSFindCountLimit

For security reasons, there is a limit on the maximum number of objects that can be taken into account during a request from Exchange Server 2010. If a request exceeds this limit, then no results will be returned. The maximum amount is determiend in the property "EWSFindCountLimit" of the "ThrottlingPolicy". From Exchange 2010 SP1, "EWSFindCountLimit" in the "DefaultThrottlingPolicy" is set to 1000 by default. If, for example, the folder Inbox contains 5000 messages and "EWSFindCountLimit" is limited to 1000, a request to this folder will not return any results. Only when the limit is set to at least 5000 can objects in the Inbox be requested. The value for "EWSFindCountLimit" can either be defined globally or for individual mailboxes. With the following commands, which need to be performed in the Exchange Management Shell, the limit can be modified.

2.3. Calendar

Recurring appointments

You can only access recurring appointments if a date and time period is specified during the request to the "Appointment" table. To do that, you need to filter by the fields "StartDate" and "EndDate".

Sorting appointments

If the "Appointment" table is sorted by start and end date, the appointments from the Exchange 2010 / 2016 Server are always returned in ascending order from the start data. Custom sortings in the applications or in the browser are not supported in this case.

3. IIS Server

If you implement an IIS for your Intrexx portal, the following configurations may be required for using the Intrexx MediaGateway.

3.1 File up- and downloads

To upload and/or download Exchange file attachments, e.g. in emails, the file size limits may need to be adjusted. To do that, open the Information Information Services (IIS) Manager and adjust the ASP limit properties:

3.2 Maximum query string

In the application Exchange – Resource, it may be necessary to extend the length of the query string when requesting multiple overlapping resources. You can recognize this when the error "Http Error 404: Not Found" is shown in the browser when trying to edit overlapping resources. In this case, proceed as follows: