Connector for Microsoft SharePoint - System requirements

Connector for Microsoft SharePoint

The Connector for Microsoft SharePoint from Intrexx (included as of version 7, online update 8) supports the SharePoint versions 2010 and 2013. Some features, however, are only available when using SharePoint 2013. The connector itself supports the SharePoint OData service on the basis of the OData specification 2.0. Features, which are specified in SharePoint 2013 with the OData version 3.0 service, are used to some extent by Intrexx for features specific to SharePoint 2013. When creating an application in Intrexx, the OData service must provide a corresponding service metadata document. The connection test in the service configuration tests this condition and delivers an appropriate error message if the metadata is not available. So that communication between the Intrexx portal server and the SharePoint server runs smoothly, the corresponding ports must be opened, which ports depends on the connection type (HTTP / HTTPS). When using HTTPS, a security certificate must be imported via the portal's properties dialog. Furthermore, at least one SharePoint user will be needed for the configuration and when developing applications with the connector, this user needs to have the necessary permissions to access the metadata of the OData service. Additionally, this SharePoint user needs to be able to log in to SharePoint either with Windows-based authentication (user/password) or with forms-based authentication.


You require a license to be able to use the Connector for Microsoft SharePoint. Please request a license either directly from your partner or from United Planet at the following email address The license key will be sent to you via email.

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