Connector for OData - System requirements

The Connector for OData supports version 2.0 of the OData specification. Some characteristics specified in version 3.0 and later may already be available, but are not officially supported. For problem-free communication between the provider and an OData client, the appropriate port(s) must be opened, depending on the connection type (HTTP / HTTPS). At least one Intrexx user, who has the required permissions for creating OData services in the Integration module, is required for the configuration and service creation. In order to create applications in Intrexx, OData services can only be used that provide a corresponding service metadata document. The connection test in the Intrexx service configuration checks this condition and returns a corresponding error message if no metadata is available. Furthermore, at least one Intrexx user is required for configuring and creating the service. This user must also possess all required rights to create OData services in the Integration module of the Intrexx Portal Manager.

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