Use cases

Using Intrexx in IoT or Industry 4.0

If you have configured processes in Intrexx that receive status updates from machines or sensors via the MQTT protocol, these can update an opened browser page in real-time via a WebSocket action, for example. If a machine fails, a warning can be displayed in the browser, and if everything is running smoothly, the respective chart can simply be refreshed.

Incoming emails

As soon as an email is delivered to an (external) inbox, you can receive an "alert" in the browser.

Exchange rate updates

As soon as exchange rates change, the updated values can be displayed in the portal in real-time.

Live (sport) ticker

Live scores/updates can be displayed in the portal in real-time.

Update options in the browser

Receiving a message

The Intrexx Portal Server can send text or JSON messages to the browser using WebSockets. These can be displayed anywhere in a portal where text can be displayed, such as the "Static text" and "Edit field" elements.

Updating graphical elements

Graphical elements can be updated dynamically using WebSockets and JavaScript. If, for example, a machine needs to be resupplied with materials, the appearance of a "Gauge" or "Chart" control can be adjusted so that it goes into the "red zone".
More information about using JavaScript to refresh page content is available in our Advanced Techniques workshop Refresh page content with JavaScript.