Advanced Techniques - Multiple selection - Format values

Entries from a data group are presented in a view table. A further table column displays values from a child data group. In this case, the control type is set to "Multiple selection" by default. We will show you how you can format this table column to display number values, for example.

The table above shows the floating-point number "10.5" - an example value from a child data group - in the "Number" column. The number is shown as "1.05E1". The same value is shown in the "ID" column but formatted as wanted.

The "Number" data field from the child data group, which contains the value "10.5" in our example, is added as a column by clicking on "Add column / Data field". With this method, the value cannot be formatted.

The format the value as wanted, proceed as follows: Add the primary key (PK)(S)ID from the child data group as a column as described above. Select the new table column and click on "Edit column".

Go to the Displayed values" tab and select the "Values from applications" option. Then, select the primary key (PK)(S)ID as the saved value. Deactivate the "Adjust displayed value to saved value" option and click on "Edit displayed value". In the dialog that opens, select the "Number" field. Confirm all open dialogs with "OK", save the application and test the result in the browser.