Advanced Techniques - Editing elements

Transfer style classes and CSS modifications

Style properties (classes and custom modifications) of application elements can be copied and transferred to other elements.

In the picture above, the "Headline" edit field has custom modifications.

By selecting "Copy view" from the context menu or by using the corresponding shortcut Ctrl + Shift + C, you can copy the style properties.

By selecting "Apply view" (Ctrl + Shift + V) from the context menu of an element, the style properties can be transferred to it - or multiple elements one after the other. There are three different control types that require different selectors. Style properties can only be transferred within one control type. The control types are:
  1. Contols that are integrated as a column in a view table.
  2. Radio buttons (option controls)
  3. All other controls

Set full size

If a button has the button type Image, you can select an image in the properties dialog that functions like a button when the user clicks on it in the browser.

If the selected image does not have the same dimensions as the default button, it will look distorted on the workspace.

Select "Set full size" from the context menu to adjust the dimensions of the button to those of the image.