Connector for OData in processes

Processes module Access to data from the OData service can also be realized using processes. A differentiation is made between the following scenarios:

1. Use as interactive user

A process is initiated by a triggering data record event, which triggers the corresponding actions. In this case, the process can only access the OData authentication information from the currently logged on Intrexx user.

2. Use with timer events

When using timer events, there is no interactive user. In this case, a dialog can be used to select a predefined user in whose user context the desired further workflow actions are performed.

If the Process Manager has recognized the selected data group as a connection to an OData service, a user can then be defined in this dialog. The context of the selected user is used to perform the queries.

Static user

Click on "Select user" to select an Intrexx user. Please note that the OData configuration has to contain a valid mapping for this user.

User from system value

With this option, the system value must contain a user GUID. A valid user assignment must exist in the OData configuration for this as well. By using the User switch action, the user can be changed during the course of the process. If a static user is assigned both within the data group and the process, this user has priority.

A user who publishes a process with a user switch action must have sufficient permissions to do so. Normally, the user will inherit the correct permissions by belonging to the Administrators user group.

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