Software update

Extras menu / Online update

By updating your software, you will always have access to the latest developments. The update package is available on the United Planet Download Server. The software update can be started at any time from the Extras menu / Online update or you can activate a setting to check for an update every time you start the Portal Manager. In total, there are three options for the update:
An update of the portal server must always be run before the Portal Manager can be updated. If you perform a software update, you may be informed that you need to restart the services. Please note: When the services are restarted, processes, such as timer actions or data transfers, can be interrupted. Therefore, it may make sense to perform the update when a transaction of this type will not run throughout the duration of the update. After the services have been restarted, users need to log in to the portal again. If other actions are required, such as republishing applications, then you will be informed of this during the update process.

Update on Linux headless Server

Please note for installations on a Linux headless server: The installer must be executed with the system property
To do this, the file "/opt/intrexx/bin/linux/" must be udpated as follows:
# now start the java vm
jre/linux/bin/java -cp $lc_classpath -Djava.awt.headless=true