News - New features in Intrexx 20.03

1. General

1.1. WebSocket

Implementing WebSockets provides you with the following benefits: All information about this new feature is available here.

2. Applications module

2.1. Subquery

This new comparison value in filters can be selected when either "Is contained in" or "Is not contained in" is defined as the operator. It allows you to perform a subquery to a data field of any application.

2.2."Style" tab

Predefined style classes can be selected via checkboxes on the "Style" tab of elements. This also applies to navigation elements.

2.3. Design presets for elements

The default settings in the Design presets for elements have changed.

2.4. Automatic changes to style classes

Style classes are no longer changed automatically after various actions, such as grouping or copying elements.

2.5. Filter multiple selection elements via dependencies

The entries of a multiple selection element can now be filtered via dependencies. The data sources "Values from applications" and "Users and groups" are supported.

2.6. View file selection: Templates

The "viewTemplateAdvanced" template has been deprecated. If you select this template, a corresponding message appears. But there are 2 new templates: "viewTemplateBgImage" and "viewTemplateResponsiveGallery". There is a new responsive gallery Gallery - Type C. Gallery A has been removed.

2.8. New filter option: Binding

There is a new comparison value "Binding" for filter expressions in applications. The following binding types are supported:

3. Processes module

3.1. Default user from portal settings

You can now define a default user in the portal properties. This user's context is used to execute processes if the corresponding option is configured in the event source (in a global timer or an IMAP event source).

3.2. New filter option: Binding

There is a new comparison value "Binding" for filter expressions in processes. The following binding types are supported:

4. Design module

4.1. New additional control: Cookies notification

This new additional control displays a corresponding message at the bottom of the portal Click here for more information.