Multilingual titles

Multilingual portals

1. Static titles

Whenever you see the globe symbol for multilingual titles in the Portal Manager, you have the ability to define the title in multiple languages. Click on the symbol to open a dialog where a static title can be entered in each of the implemented portal languages.

Based on the language setting, the corresponding text will be shown in the browser. This also applies when the user switches the language.

2. Title from constant

Global language constants are defined in the portal's properties. These constants can also be used for the titles of certain elements. Constants can also be defined directly in the application - these are only valid within the application.

If you click on the arrow next to the globe symbol in the properties of an element, you can specify that a language constant should be used as the title.

The field, where you can enter the title, will now work like a search. Simply enter the constant name you're looking for and select the correct constant from the drop-down list.

3. More information

Multilingual portals