Actions - Intrexx Share

Processes module

1. General

The Process Designer provides a range of abilities to actively engage in the creation of feeds and notifications. The following actions are available:

2. Plugin feed action

This action responds to data group events or timer events. First, select a data group whose events you would like to respond to. Connect the plugin feed action to the event.

A data group context is not absolutely necessary at this point. The action can be associated with all data group event handlers. For the subsequent primary key mapping, the value to be assigned can, for example, be taken from the processing context, if no data group context is available.

3. Text feed action

The text feed action makes it possible to create a customized feed. This is useful when a feed cannot be assigned directly to a data group. In this way, you can, for example, send automated system monitoring messages to IT staff (e.g. disk space quota), notices about scheduled maintenance, employees’ birthdays, etc.

4. System message action

This action does not generate a feed but rather a notification that is shown in the additional control Share messages or in the Notifications portlet. This helps users stay up to date about an approval process, for example.

5. Create a group / Manage a group

With these process elements, you can use a process to create or manage a group, respectively.