Intrexx Share 3.1 - Photos

1. General

A photo album is created in three steps:
  1. Create photo album
  2. Upload photos to album
  3. Release
The following chapters will guide you through the creation of an entire album. After steps 1 and 2, the photo album is still provide. If you want other Share users to be able to view your album, you need to define the release settings accordingly. We will look at how to define these settings in the chapter Release.

2. Create photo album

Click on "Photos" in the Navigation portlet. This page displays all photo albums that have been released to you. You can restrict which albums are displayed in the middle area using filters. To create a new photo album, select the "Create photo album" button at top left of the display.

Photo album title and description

Enter a title and description for the new album.

Album photo

Select a new preview image for the new album.


Saves the entries and creates the album.

3. Upload photos to album

Click on "Upload photo".

Photos can be uploaded to the album here - you can upload multiple files at once as needed. The following formats are permitted: svg, png, jpg, jpeg, gif and bmp. Videos and files can also be uploaded to an album. Click on "Save" once you have selected your photos.

4. Edit photo album

The name of the album creator and the number of photos the album contains is shown beneath the photo album. If you click on "Options", this menu will open.


Opens the page used to create the photo album so that the album information can be edited.


Opens a page where the visibility and permissions for the album can be defined.

Upload images

Opens a page where more photos can be added to the album.

5. Manage photo album

You can access the page for managing an album from anywhere by clicking on its preview image or title.

Click on a photo.

The album is shown as a gallery. If you click on the play symbol at the bottom right, you can view the album in a slideshow. Once you click on play, the button will change to a pause symbol that allows you to pause the slideshow as needed. To close the gallery, you can click either on the close symbol at the top right or on the black area around the photo. You can also leave the gallery view by pressing the ESC key.

You can choose to like a photo or add a comment by clicking on the corresponding button.

Click on the name of the creator to go to their personal page. When the photo was added to the album is shown beneath the creator's name. The number next to the like symbol shows how many users have liked the photo. You can open the options menu for this photo by clicking on the symbol.

Edit post

Opens a page where the photo can be edited or deleted.

Report post

Click here for more information.

Deactivate notifications

You can turn off notifications notifications about new photos, changes made to photos etc.

Intrexx Share users, who have been given access to the album can comment on the photo by clicking on "Add a comment". You can comment on a comment by clicking on "Comment" next to the corresponding comment. You can also like comments here. You can edit or delete a comment from the menu.

6. Release


A public album can be seen by every Intrexx Share user. The photos in such an album can also be seen by every Intrexx Share user. The setting "Authorized users can edit photos" means that all users that the album was released to can edit the album. "Create a post on News that a new photo album was created" means users will see a notification about the new album in the News module. However, the users must have subscribed to the app "Intrexx Share - Photo albums". Users are subscribed to this during the default installation of Intrexx Share.

Visible to contacts

Only existing contacts of the creator will have access to the photos of the album. The setting "Authorized users can edit photos" means that all users that the album was released to can edit the album.

Visible to restricted users

With this option, you can define precisely which users are allowed to access the album and its photos. The setting "Authorized users can edit photos" means that all users that the album was released to can edit the album.


A private album and its photos are only visible to the creator.

7. More information

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