Intrexx Share 3.1 - News

1. General

The News module contains - depending on the release settings - all posts from the module itself and other modules where posts can be created, such as the Groups module. The portlets in the right and left column can be positioned and arranged however you like. By default after the standard installation of Intrexx Share, you will find the Contacts portlet in the left column and the Photo albums and Advertisements portlets on the right. The posts are listed in the middle column.

2. Create new post

Above the news stream you have the ability to create a new post. Click in the field "Write new post..." to do that.

Your message

You can enter text or a link to a photo or video. If a link is recognized as the URL of a video from YouTube, myvideo, vimeo or dailymotion, the corresponding video will automatically be displayed in the post. Other file extensions, where the video or image will be displayed directly, are swf, mkv, mov, mp4, ogg, oga, ogv, ogx, webm, gif, jpg, jpeg, bmp, png, url and js. To find out how to use smilies and links to profiles in a post, click here.

Add file

Files can be added using the file selection element. In the post, the symbol for the corresponding file extension and the file name will be displayed. The file can be opened or saved by clicking on the file name. An uploaded image is shown directly in the post and can be viewed in original size by clicking on it.


You can define who the post is released to (i.e. to whom it is visible) here. The visibility to other users can be defined as follows: To create a custom group of recipients, click on "Custom"

You can search for the names of recipients in the search field. The filter buttons:

Share users
Distribution lists
Organizational units

allow you to specify the users available for selection more precisely. The filters act as positive lists – i.e. if no filter is active, then no data will be displayed. The number of selected recipients is shown at the top-right of the "Selected" list. Move the desired users to the "Available" list to the "Selected" list via the button.

You can hide the release buttons in the administration mode, if required. If you, as the sender, have been blocked from sending messages by a certain user, the new post will not be visible to them.

More options

Click on this link to show other additional options. The post can be defined as important or urgent here. Moreover, you can request a read confirmation for you post.


This button saves and publishes your post.

3. Start post from module

Click on this link to open a page where the module for the post can be selected. Click on the button for the corresponding module; this will open the creation page of the respective module.

4. Published posts

The profile picture and name of the creator are shown at the top of the post. When the post was created and who the post is released to is also shown here. Click on the button to open the options menu for the post. Which menu items are shown depends on which functions are available in the module that the post comes from.

4.1. Edit post

You can edit your own posts or posts, for which you have administrative permissions, by clicking on "Edit post". This opens the same page used to create new posts. Even if you are not a member of the Administrators group for Intrexx Share, you have administrative permissions for the following posts:
Please note that the shared versions of the post will also be changed when you edit the original here.

4.2. Move

Select this menu item to move the post to a personal page, group or event. Select the target and then define who can see the post there. You can also add a comment if needed.

4.3. Delete post

You can mark your own posts or posts, for which you have administrative permissions, for deletion by clicking on "Delete this post". Even if you are not a member of the Administrators group for Intrexx Share, you have administrative permissions for the following posts:

4.4. Show/Hide post

Posts can be shown or hidden here. A hidden post is still visible in the module where it was created, if it was not created in the News module. Posts are always hidden just to the current user, i.e. other Intrexx Share users can continue to see posts that are hidden to you. If a post is hidden in another module (such as Events), it is also hidden on News. If you choose to show this post again, it will not be shown on News but in the corresponding module.

4.5. Report post

You can report posts with inappropriate content here. The Share Administrators will be notified of this automatically.

4.6. Hide all posts from this person on News

With this option, you can hide all existing and future posts of the Intrexx Share user, who created the current post. This does not apply to external posts that are created in a subscribed app. To remove a block, go to your personal page. This page contains the "Blocked users" portlet where you can remove the block.

4.7. Hide all posts from this app

With this option, you can hide both the current and future posts from the app that this posts comes from. When you do this, the subscription to the respective app will be removed. If you want to see posts from this app again, rescubscribe to the app.

4.8. Activate/Deactivate notifications

To follow a post, you can activate notifications. Which events you will be informed about, when notifications are activated, depends on whether you have created, commented on or read the post.

If you created the post, you will receive a notification if If you commented on the post, you will receive a notification if If you read the post, you will receive a notification if If you create, or comment on, a post, the "Activate notifications" option will be set automatically. As a reader of the post, notifications are deactivated by default.

5. Search posts

There is a search field beneath the "Start post from module" link. Enter a search term here. The list of posts will then be filtered based on this. The search takes the text in posts and comments into account.

6. Filters

6.1. Filter buttons

Click on "Show/Hide filter" to open the options for filtering posts. You can apply multiple filter criteria to the posts at once. Each filter is joined with an OR connection meaning posts are displayed that fulfill at least one of the criteria.


Displays posts marked as important.


Displays posts marked as urgent.


Displays posts that a reminder has been set for.

Read confirmation

Displays posts that a read confirmation has been set for.


Displays posts marked as favorites.

6.2. Category, Applications, More applications

These filter buttons allow you to search for posts by category; these categories are defined in the plugin configuration. Beneath this, all applications are listed, for which plugins have been configured and to which you have subscribed in Intrexx Share. When you select a category, only the applications will be displayed that are assigned to this category. Click on "More applications" to open a page where more filter criteria can be added from other applications. Click here for more information.

6.3. Due date

You can filter posts, for which a reminder has been set, based on the following periods: Intrexx Share differentiates between two types of due dates: The filter does not differentiate between due dates from plugins and from reminders. If you activate the Reminder filter button, only posts, for which a reminder was set, will be shown.

6.4. Date

You can filter the posts by date here. The current date is highlighted in the calendar. You can select single dates or date periods by dragging with the left mouse button. Click here for more information about this calendar.

6.5. Sorting

You can define whether the posts should be sorted chronologically or based on the last time a user interacted with a post.

6.6. Tags

You can filter based on tags from the Help me app here.

6.7. Filter settings

You can save the current filter settings by clicking on "Save" here. The settings in the "Date" filter and search field will not be included. Click on "Reset" to restore the default filter settings.

6.8. Current filter

All active filters are shown above the posts. You can deactivate a filter by clicking on it or from the filter settings.

7. Read confirmation

When creating a post, you can request a read confirmation. To be able to do this, one of the Intrexx Share administrators must have added you to the list of authorized users. In your post, you can then select the option to allow users to confirm that they have read your post.

When a user clicks on the link, the post will be marked as read and the number of people who have read the post will be updated.

The post creator can see how many people have seen their post. By clicking on the link with the number of readers, you can see the profile pictures of the readers. The username is shown in a quicktip when you move the mouse over the picture. More profile data can be seen by clicking on the picture.

8. Actions

Underneath each post, you will find various actions that can be applied to it. Clicking on an action activates it, clicking on it again deactivates it.

8.1 Like

Click on "Like" to like the post.

The total number of likes is shown to the right of the button. Click on this to see the profile pictures of the users who have liked the post. Click on a profile picture to see more information about the user. You can also open the user's personal page from here.

8.2. Show more actions

By clicking on "Actions", buttons for additional actions will be shown. If you activate an action, it will be shown in color next to the Like button. You can click on this symbol to deactivate the action if needed.

8.3. Important

Click on "Important" to highlight the post accordingly. You can filter all posts, which have been marked as important, in the filter.

8.4. Urgent

Click on "Urgent" to highlight the post accordingly. You can filter all posts, which have been marked as urgent, in the filter.

8.5. Favorite

You can add a post to your favorites by clicking on the "Favorite" button. You can filter all posts, which have been added to your favorites, in the filter.

8.6. Reminder

Click on "Remind me" to set a reminder for the post.

Clicking on this opens a tooltip where the reminder can be scheduled for by clicking on the corresponding button. You can also enter the dates for the start and due date of the post manually by clicking on "Custom".

The reminder status is shown to the right of the reminder button. Once the time of the reminder has started, the user will receive a notification and the reminder status will be updated. The reminder is overdue one day after the due date and the reminder status will be updated again in this case.

To mark a reminder as completed, click on the reminder icon. You will find the "Completed" button in the area that appears. The reminder status and icon will also change to "Completed" when you click on this button. You can also delete a reminder from this area. The reminder date and completion status will be reset if you do this.

8.7. Share

To share a post, click on "Share". This generates a copy of the post.

Please note that the existing permissions of a post that comes from an application remain unchanged. If there are users in the recipient group, who do not have the appropriate permissions, they will not be able to see this shared post.

Before you click on "Share and confirm you would like to share the post, you can define who the post is released to. You can also mark the post as important and/or urgent. You can also add a comment to the post before sharing it.

Information about which user shared the post is shown at the top of a shared post. You can see how often the post was shared next to the share symbol beneath the post. Click on this number to see the profile pictures of the users who have shared the post. Click on a profile picture to see more information about the user. You can also open the user's personal page from here.


The comment function facilitates fast feedback to a post. Comments can be created directly under the post by clicking on "Add comment".

The comment can be written here and files can be uploaded if needed.

You can like comments as well. You can edit or delete your own comments via the "Options" button. This button appears when you move the mouse over the title or text of the comment.

10. Smileys

Smileys can be used in posts and comments. Shortcuts and images for smilies are organized in the "" file which can be found in the portal directory internal/cfg. The characters that will be interpreted as a smiley are shown at the beginning of each line.

#Smiley format SmileyText=imageUrl,width,height,alt
imageTemplate=<img class="emoticon" src="{URL}" width="{WIDTH}" 
height="{HEIGHT}" alt="{ALT}" title="{ALT}"/>		
Here, the colons, semicolons and equals signs must be escaped with a backslash. If a user enters one of the character strings in an Intrexx Share post or comment, the corresponding image as detailed in the "" file will be loaded. The directory (image file path) is listed in the "" file after the smiley shortcut and = sign. Custom smilies can also be stored in directories that are accessible from the server, and shortcuts for these custom smilies can be added to the file. In the entries in the "" file, the width and height of the image appear after the image filename, followed by an alternative text that is displayed in cases where the image cannot be displayed. Below the list of smilies, a template is specified. This generates an HTML tag in the source code of posts and comments when a smiley shortcut is detected. In the placeholder, the corresponding path to the image and the dimensions and the alternate text will be used, depending on the type of smiley selected.

Please note that incorrect entries in the file may lead to malfunctions in Intrexx Share. United Planet accepts no liability in this case, and provides no support.
Links to profiles in Intrexx Share can be included in posts and comments in the form "@Profile name". A profile name, which has the @ symbol as a prefix, will automatically be implemented as a link. When a user clicks on this link, the corresponding user's profile will be loaded. If you enter an @ symbol and the initial letters of the required user in the post, then a list of the corresponding Intrexx Share users will automatically be displayed. From this list, the target user can be selected. The selected profile name will then be placed in the post, at the current cursor position. If there is only one match, the user will be inserted right away.