Intrexx Share 3.1 - Help me

1. General

With the "Help me" module, Intrexx Share users can ask questions and other users can answer them. "Help me" is an independent application that is included in the import packet of Intrexx Share and can be positioned freely in the portal menu structure. When you open "Help me" in the browser, you will still have access to the Intrexx Share Navigation portlet. The functions and appearance are identical whether you open "Help me" from within Intrexx Share or not. The email service should be configured to get the most out of the application.

2. Create category

To begin with, create categories for your questions to make it easier to filter them later. Categories can be created by clicking on "Create category" in the "Categories" portlet.

Provide the new category with a title and click on "Save". You can edit existing categories by clicking on "Select data set".

3. Ask a question

Click on "New question".

Question title

Provide a title for the question here.


Ask your question here.


One or more files that relate to the question can be uploaded here.


When you create your very first question, categories have not yet been defined yet and cannot be selected. These will be created in a later step and can be added retroactively by moving a category from the "Select entries" list to the "Selected entries" list via the button.

Release question to

Move the users, who should see the question, from the "Select entries" list to the "Selected entries" list via the button.

Mark post as: Important

With this setting, the post with the question will be marked as important.

Mark post as: Urgent

With this setting, the post with the question will be marked as urgent.


Saves and publishes the question.

4. Questions

Every question that has been released to you is shown in this portlet. You can create more questions from here by clicking on "New question". You can click on the "Like" button at the bottom of each question tile to like the question. The total number of likes is shown next to the this symbol. Click on the question title to open the Answers page. The question category is shown above the question title.


Click on this button next to the question title to open the options menu.


Opens the page used to create a question but allows you to edit it.

Administrate categories

Questions can be categorized and filtered accordingly. You can create new categories here via the "Add category" button. Move the category, which should be assigned to the current question from the "Select categories" list to the "Selected categories" list via the button. Then click on "Save".

Edit tags

Tags can be added to the question here.


Deletes the question.

Deactivate notifications

Turns of the notifications for this question.

Click on the question title to answer it.

5. Answers

The "Info" portlet is shown in the left column where the question is abridged and you have access to the Options menu from above. The number of submitted answers is shown at the bottom right of the portlet. The symbol is grayed out if no one has answered the question yet. Other questions from the same creator are shown on the right. Click on the "Answer" field in the middle area. Enter your answer here. You can also add relevant files as needed. Click on "Save".


You can edit or delete your answer by clicking on this button.

Helpful / Not helpful

Allows you to rate the answer.

Best answer

The creator of the question can mark the corresponding answer as the best answer.

Add comment

Click on this link to comment on the answer.


Click on the "Answer" field at the bottom to submit your answer.

6. Filters

On the "Questions" page, you can filter the questions by category by clicking on the corresponding category at the top. You can also filter the questions by a specific date or period, which can be selected in the calendar, via "Show/Hide filter". You can also filter by tags.