Intrexx Share 3.1 - Chat

1. General

You can chat with colleagues in real-time with Intrexx Chat. Intrexx Chat is an independent application that is included in the import packet of Intrexx Share and can be positioned freely in the portal menu structure. When you open Chat in the browser, you will still have access to the Intrexx Share Navigation portlet. The functions and appearance are identical whether you open Chat from within Intrexx Share or not. Click on "Start now and create your first chat".

2. Create chat

Chat title

Provide the chat with a title here.

Select recipients / Selected recipients

The "Select recipients" list contains all users who can be selected for the chat. The users must have a business email address in the Users module and in their profile. Move the desired users from the "Select recipients" list to the "Selected recipients" list via the button.

Participants can add/remove other users

With this setting, the participants of the current chat can modify who receives the message.


Enter your chat message here.


You can upload one or more files as needed.


Click on "Send" when you are ready to send the message.

3. Chat - Overview

The number of new, unread messages for you are shown in the Navigation portlet next to "Chat". In the Chat - Overview portlet, you have access to all chat functions provided you have the corresponding permission. Click on "New" to create a new chat.

3.1. Options

The "Options" button is shown to the right of the "New" button. It opens a menu that displays the online status.

Online status

Click on "Change status" to set your online status. You can choose from the following statuses, which are represented by a small colored symbol at the bottom right of the profile picture thumbnail, in Intrexx Share: If you move the mouse over the symbol in the user image, the online status will be shown in a quicktip as text.

Hidden chats

Opens a page where chats, which were hidden via the "Administration" menu, can be viewed.

Click on the chat text in the left area to refresh the right area and show the selected chat. The profile picture thumbnails of the users who are recipients of the chat are shown at the top of the right area. You can add your own message to the chat via the "Message" field at the bottom of the area. Click on "Send" to send your message to the recipients. Click on "Administration" to open the menu for the chat.

3.2. Administration


Opens a page where the list of participants for the current chat can be modified. In addition, you can decide whether participants can add more users to the chat.

Show/Hide chat

Hides the current chat. Once it is hidden, you can choose the show it again with this option by going to the hidden chat area.

Enable/Disable email notification

Turns email notifications for new messages in this chat on or off.

Show/Hide chat window

Enables or disables the chat window that is shown at the bottom right of the browser via the additional control.

Leave chat

You will no longer take part in the chat. Once all participants have left the chat, it will be deleted automatically.

4. Additional control

The additional control "Share messages" displays new chat messages at the bottom right of the browser window. Click on the notification at the bottom right to open the chat in a small window where you can immediately read and reply to the message.