Intrexx Industrial - Test MQTT Broker

The Test MQTT Broker supports the IoT protocols JMS (OpenWire) and MQTT. It can be reached under the following addresses: Other protocols (e.g. Stomp) can be configured upon request. The following will demonstrate how topics can be read, written and administrated on the Test MQTT Broker. Click here for more information about how you can configure your own Broker.


The Test MQTT Broker can be accessed using the following users, who have different access permissions: At which points authenticaion takes place will be explained in the following examples.

Topics and queues

The following timers, which provide the current server time as a JSON string in the format "2017-12-24T12:34:56.789Z" in different installments, are available as predefined topics: If you are using MQTT instead of JMS, the period (.) needs to be replaced by a slash (/).

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