Connector for M-Files - Troubleshooting

Connector for M-Files

Request tracing

For error analysis, the M-Files requests and replies can be logged in the portal log file. This can be found in portal directory /log. Activate the tracing as follows:
  1. Open the "" file from the portal directory /internal/cfg in a text editor.
  2. Navigate to the "logging for M-Files" section and change the value from INFO to DEBUG:
    # logging for M-Files, File
  3. Restart the portal service afterwards.
  4. For each M-Files action, the request details will now be logged in the portal.log file.
Example for a request/response tracing entry:
DEBUG MFilesHttpRequest[WebConnectorWorker-localhost:8102-3]
M-Files request: http://mfiles/REST/objects/0/112/latest
DEBUG MFilesHttpRequest[WebConnectorWorker-localhost:8102-3]
M-Files response: {"Title":"Test1","EscapedTitleWithID":"Test1(ID 112)","DisplayID":"112","ObjVer":{"Version":4,"ID":112,"Type":0}

SSL connections

For SSL connections between the Intrexx portal server and an M-Files service, the Certificate Authority that provided the service certificate must be added to the certificate store of the Intrexx portal server. Self-signed certificates are an exception to this, which are not provided by a recognized Certificate Authority. In order to enable SSL connections to services with self-signed certificates, the check on the "certificate chain" must be deactivated. This is possible at the service level via a system property. To do so, open the portal.cfg file in the portal directory /internal/cfg file in a text editor and add a new <systemProperty> entry to the <environment> section:
<systemProperty name = " de.uplanet.lucy.server.mfiles.connector.ignoreServerCertificates" value="true"/>
After saving the "portal.cfg "file, the Intrexx portal server must be restarted for the changes to take effect.

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