Expert - Parameter "qs_link"

The parameter "qs_link" is an internal, automatically generated parameter. The parameter cannot be used to create custom links.

From Intrexx Version 19.03 onwards, new portals generate their browser links with this parameter, e.g. https://localhost:1342/?qs_link=376C572C1CD0447295D8DBFFF02E847BC76CAF28&rq_TemplateKey=7374616765 when an overview page or a blank edit page is loaded in the browser. The link generated in this way can be used to directly load the specific page.

Portals from earlier Intrexx versions

In patched, imported portals from earlier Intrexx versions, the links are created using the old # parameter (e.g.) https://localhost:1347/?#{3}). The HTML5 history mechanism is used from Intrexx Version 19.03 onwards. Add the following entry to the "portal.cfg" file for the parameter "qs_link":
<systemProperty name="de.uplanet.lucy.server.portal.htmlpushstate" value="true"/>
The "portal.cfg" file is in the portal directory internal/cfg.