Design module

When you edit the settings of a design element, you can select colors at different points, e.g. the background or font color of elements. Selecting "inherit" means that the color property will be applied from the parent CSS element. If you select the entry "Select color", a color palette will open.

Browser-safe colors

With these colors, you can guarantee that the selected color will be shown without being changed in the various browsers. Simply select the color from the color field or enter the color in hexadecimal form.

RGB color model

The color can be defined using the sliders or entered in hexadecimal form.

HSB color model

The hue, saturation and brightness can be defined here. The RGB values are adjusted automatically. When RGB values are modified, the HSB are adjusted automatically. Additionally, a small circle on the color area on the left shows where the current color appears. You can also select the color here or enter the color in hexadecimal form.

Small palette

If you select colors in a dialog, a small palette will be shown. If you do not want to assign a color, select the setting "No color". The setting for "Transparent" will display the element transparently. "Inherit color" corresponds to the "inherit" setting that applies the setting from the element from the level above. Clicking on "Others..." opens the dialog where you can select between "Browser-safe colors" or the "RGB" or "HSB color model".