Design module - Element settings - Options

Design module Areas

If a layout element is selected on the Workspace or in the Structure, its properties will be shown in the "Element settings" area. At the bottom of the "Element settings", you will find the buttons "Options" and "Styles". Click on "Options" to edit the optional properties of the currently selected element.



For every element, you will find the "ID", which is used to identify the element in CSS, in the general section of the options. If the ID is editable here, you need to make sure that you use an ID that is unique in this layout. If you use an ID twice, your changes will be dismissed as soon as you click on another element in the workspace.


You can provide your element with a title here as well that will be used in all areas of the Design module.

Heading / Heading level

You can assign a heading level and a heading. The heading level has no impact on the hierarchy in the layout but will be written, as well as the heading, under the container in the HTML. This means that the heading can be used and read by screen readers and search engines.


If you would like to construct accessible pages or would simply like to bring more transparency to your layout structure, you can assign a Role to the element.

Other languages

Opens a dialog where each property (e.g. the title) can be defined in the different portal languages.

Hide content for the anonymous user

For some elements (e.g. containers), you have the option to hide the content of the element to the anonymous user. If this option is not activated, the content will be shown to users who are not logged in.