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Elements that contain lists of data records in applications, such as view tables or drop-down lists can be filtered in dependence on other elements. Every control including the application pages that are JavaScript-capable, can be used as a triggering control for a dependency.

Filters in the browser

In a portal that was created with the Event4Teams portal template, the Organization menu already contains the Telephone book application. A dependency has already been defined here. If a department is selected in the Department drop-down list, then the free layout table that displays the contacts will be filtered accordingly.

Configuration in the Applications module

You can see the corresponding page on the workspace. The Department drop-down list references its entries from the _Department data group that is also part of this application.

On the Dependencies tab of the properties dialog of the free layout table, the "Department" dependency is in the "Selected" column. Click on "Edit dependency" to open a dialog where the dependency settings can be edited.

In the properties of the dependency, the filter is defined to trigger when the onchange event occurs in the "Department" drop-down list, meaning that a department is selected in the browser. Click here for information about how the triggering control can be defined. The filter can be defined in the Filter area. This filter is applied to the date in the table when the event is triggered. Click here for more information.

Page properties - Dependencies tab

You can find the Dependencies tab in the properties dialog of pages. All of the dependencies that are defined on the current page are listed here.

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