Solr Search Server - Manage cores / collections

Tools module Search Solr Search Server / Manage cores / collections button

Title column

The title of the core or collection is found here.

Language column

Displays the language of the core or collection.

Core/Collection name column

You will find the name of the core or collection here.

Documents column

You can see how many documents are included in the collection here.

Configure outdated/all cores or collections

Click on this button to update outdated or all cores and collections, respectively, if, for example, the Solr Server was offline and applications were modified in the meantime.

Clear cores/configurations prior to configuration

Deletes the content of the cores/collections before performing the configuration.

Reconfigure core or collection
Configures the core or collection that is currently selection.

Copy name
Copies the name to the clipboard.

Visit administrative website
Opens the administration website from Apache Solr.

Click here for more information.