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A time zone can be assigned to the portal here. Usually, this is the time zone of the server or the company headquarters. If portal users work in different time zones, the respective time can be assigned in the user properties in the Users module. The time zone specified in the portal properties will be used if a custom time zone is not defined for a user.

In Intrexx, every date value is stored in UTC Universal Time Coordinated (GMT Greenwich Mean Time) in the database. When the time is shown in the browser, the difference of the current time zone will be added or taken away from the UTC. The database obtains the time zone setting from the operating system. The time zone of the Intrexx Portal Server and the database should be identical as a general rule. If the database time zone and Intrexx time zone are different, this could result in deviations in the calculation of the local time.

Date values, e.g. date of birth, that should not be changed, should be stored as text information when in doubt and if required, processed with Velocity when it should be displayed (formatting).

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