Consume data - Connector for Abacus

Integration module Consume data

New data source

Selecting Data source menu / New data source will open a wizard where a connection with read access to an Abacus ERP system can be created. This option is available if the Connector for Abacus is selected under Consume data on the left-hand side. In each configuration dialog, you can reach the corresponding Intrexx Help by pressing F1 or by clicking on the "Help" button.

Edit connection

Every connection created by you is listed in the right-hand area. All of the functions available for editing a connection can be reached via the Data source menu, when an existing connection has been selected on the right.

Name column

The name of the connection is shown here.

Server column

The name of the server is shown here.

Database name column

The name of the connected database is shown here.

Data groups column

The number of data groups, which are integrated into applications as external data groups, is shown here.