Sortable list properties - Entries tab

Applications module Sortable list Properties

Data source


Select the application whose data should be displayed.

Opens a dialog where a filter can be defined which will restrict the data to be displayed.

Data group

Select the data group whose data should be displayed.

Saved value

Select the data field where the value, which you want to reference, is saved.

Sorting field

Because users can adjust the order of entries in the sortable list as they choose, the current order needs to be saved in each case. Here, a sorting field, which has to have integer as its data type, can be selected. The corresponding values are saved in this field.

As the sorting field, please do not use an existing field from your application where data is already stored. This data would be replaced by the value of the order when the list is sorted.

Create new data field
Opens a dialog where a new sorting field can be created.


Image information


A data field with the data type file, where links to images are stored, can be selected here.

Edit image options
Opens a dialog where the image format can be edited.


The image defined here is displayed if an image is not availabel when a new data record is created.

Text information

Data fields, whose values should be displayed in the list, can be integrated here.

Add displayed value
Opens a dialog where a data field, which provides the displayed value, can be selected.

Add separator
Adds a row to the list where a separator, which is shown between entries, can be entered.

Remove displayed value
Removes the currently selected displayed value from the list.

Control type

Select the control type for the currently selected displayed value.

Separator restriction

The display of each separator can be prevent if the displayed value is empty.


At the bottom, you can see a preview of the list with the current settings for displayed values and separators.