Element properties - Styles tab

Applications module Properties Style classes that have been defined in the Design module can be assigned here.

Style classs

Displays the name of the selected style class.

Edit style class
Opens a dialog where you can select the style class of your choice.

Edit style class - Arrow symbol

If you activate "Display predefined style classes", you can select predefined style classes by clicking on the corresponding checkboxes. If "Display predefined style classes" is deactivated, then these checkboxes are hidden and the "Preview" area is moved up.


Displays a preview of the selected style class.

Custom modifications

All CSS modifications are listed here.

Add CSS rule
Opens a dialog where a new CSS rule can be created.

Remove CSS rule
Removes the CSS rule from the list.

Edit CSS rule
Opens a dialog where the CSS rule can be edited.

Move CSS rule up / down
Adjust the order of the CSS rules.

Custom styles are only available for the application and not portal-wide (e.g. when you customize an element on a view page for the global search).