Changelog for Online Update no. 03

Installation Software update

Bugfixes and features - released on 28.01.2020

  1. Update to patch level 03
  2. IX-6344: "Calculation" element
    prevents application from being saved
  3. IX-6073: Parameters in static filters
    do not function correctly
  4. IX-6101: Log in to portal
    Clicking on "Cancel" without entering anything in the login dialog writes an error to the Portal Manager log
  5. IX-5285: Design presets for elements
    Settings are not saved
  6. IX-6055: Application language constants
    Fallback does not always work correctly (such as if text is only defined for one language in the element properties)
  7. IX-6106: Importing applications with a tree element
    does not work if the tree control is not linked to the data group that contains the page where the element is located
  8. IX-5884: File selection that allows multi-file uploads
    displays the same file size for all uploaded files
  9. IX-5552: Chart
    The Export button is displaced in the browser
  10. IX-5661: View table
    Custom modifications for the title are missing in the web
  11. IX-5740: User replication
    Problems when performing an LDAP transfer from larger or more comprehensive ADs with the Intrexx standard profiles
  12. IX-5515: Portlet container
    If a portlet container displays only selected pages from the application it is in, then the application cannot be published
  13. IX-5830: Preview images for videos
    scaled to defined thumbnail size
  14. IX-6149: Web application control type
    Parameter is not rendered correctly
  15. IX-6185: Document generation
    When generating PDFs, the first data record is used regardless of what the view page shows or whether data records are filtered
  16. IX-5922: Open link in print view
    Pages opened in print view cannot be scrolled in Internet Explorer
  17. IX-6154: Pie charts
    Colors from data fields are assigned incorrectly. Special charactes in the value for the Row cause errors
  18. IX-5801: Chart
    ignores fixed colors
  19. IX-5579: Binding tab
    Dialog for default values opens modally in the background
  20. IX-5698: Drop-down lists - Data mapping and Buttons with the "Data Picker" action type
    Data records found / not found are reported
  21. IX-6159: Upgrade
    Various patching errors
  22. IX-6133: Open link in print view
    Link is not opened, target page cannot be opened in a new browser window
  23. IX-5852: FileWalker
    If the Create file permission is taken away, then the user is also unable to search in the browser
  24. IX-6267: Dynamic view
    Default values are not interpreted
  25. IX-3286: Groovy script
    Title and description of defined error messages are not shown, only the default error message
  26. IX-6044: Application exports
    sometimes fail if the application has not been published yet
  27. IX-5566: Expert attribute "permalink"
    no longer functions
  28. IX-6035: Export and import dialogs
    Different sorting
  29. IX-5769: View file selection
    "TemplateAdvanced" template causes errors
  30. IX-6211: IIS website settings
    Error when saving
  31. Portal
    Error when checking whether a portal is being run with an account with root permission on Linux/Ubuntu
  32. IX-5900: Portal
    Überprüfung unter Linux/Ubuntu, ob ein Portal mit einem Accout mit root-Berechtigung ausgeführt wird, ist fehlerhaft
  33. IX-5877: Intrexx Share
    Files cannot be uploaded
  34. IX-6094: WriteContainer
    Filter criteria for a second WriteContainer, which references another data group, disappear on an edit page as soon as the user clicks on "OK" in any dialog in the application
  35. IX-6032: Help pages for Search
    The corresponding help page is not loaded for the subitems Facets, Priorities, etc.
  36. IX-5917: Open portal
    Login fails because IIS encodes umlauts in usernames and domains
  37. IX-5514: Move elements on the workspace via drag & drop
    If an element is moved to a invalid position, it is sometimes shown twice
  38. IX-6196: Create new data records
    Allowing or preventing them with JavaScript using oFup.recId= "-1" no longer works
  39. IX-6240: Import application permissions
    User groups cannot be assigned to existing groups imported from the Active Directory
  40. IX-6060: Menu settings
    The "Upon click, open menu folder and target destination" setting does not work
  41. IX-4740: Calendar plugin
    If a destination is not defined, an empty tooltip opens in the web
  42. IX-6042: Software update
    Links in the changelog do not open the browser, such as in the "Installed software updates" or "Available new updates" dialogs. Clicking on an entry in the description area displays a link to the corresponding changelog information in the Intrexx help
  43. IX-6000: Multiple selection
    sometimes doesn't save entries
  44. IX-6160: "Like" action in Intrexx Share
    If the tooltip that displays which users have liked a post is open and a user then clicks on "More results", the total number of likes changes
  45. IX-5172: Multiple selection / Create or edit distribution lists
    Description is not displayed in the browser
  46. IX-6027: Create data field
    does not work on Oracle
  47. IX-6275: Connector for Microsoft Office 365
    Error when saving a file
  48. IX-5660: Software update
    not possible on Mac OS X and Linux if the installation directory contains whitespace
  49. IX-6242: Application export
    Naming conflicts
  50. IX-5322: Free layout table
    The Parameter bearbeiten button allows multiple dialogs to be opened
  51. IX-6520: Filters
    Patch for System data field, Session, Request and Processing context
  52. IX-6025: Info about installed software updates
    Viewing the dialog causes errors
  53. IX-6295: Portlet framework
    Style enhancements
  54. IX-5858: "Off-centered" setting
    causes errors on Ubuntu 18.04 with Firefox or Chrome
  55. IX-5963: Create new portlet
    On Ubuntu 18.04 with Firefox or Chrome, the variable call is shown in the container instead of the description in the portlet settings as long as the edit window is open
  56. IX-6026: Portlet settings
    When default mode, if the permission is granted to edit portlets (but not to create or delete them) and then the settings are closed with "Close", the "Create" and "Delete" permissions are also granted. Clicking on "Save" before closing the window applies the settings correctly.
  57. IX-5988: "Show porlet description" button
    is also shown when the portlet has no description
  58. IX-5528: View table
    Cannot add a column with a calculation
  59. IX-6233: Research element
    Research by date is not performed
  60. IX-5483: Parameters
    Elements with a parameter binding are not reset if the parameter is blank
  61. IX-6126: SQL Server
    Problem with JDTS driver (datetime2)
  62. IX-5493: Free layout table
    Expand to maximum available width is not implemented correctly
  63. IX-5908: Date poll
    Tooltip with the finalized data stays open when "Save" is clicked on
  64. IX-5915: Edit Intrexx Share plugin
    If the title on the view page is too long, the entire dialog is shown too small
  65. IX-5188: Intrexx Share / Profile
    Error in deletion process
  66. IX-5693: Solr Search Server - Special characters in suggestions
    If a suggestion has at leaser two words and is found in free text of indexed data (not in file metadata), the word separator \u00e1 is used.
  67. IX-6319: Drop-down list / Listbox - Special data sources
    The data sources "LocaleListProcessor" and "PortalGroupedLanguageListProcessor" are not translated correctly. If the portal is in German and an application has both ListProcessors, the languages are not translated in the drop-down list.
  68. IX-5694: Free layout table
    Link from a free layout table, which access the external data of VBLUSER, causes an error when the page is opened
  69. IX-5673: View table
    Links with the "Display as link" setting are not recognized by "Display links" in the Edit menu
  70. IX-5753: Layout CSS
    Style classes in the selector .Share_Tile, .Share_shapedtable>div>[data-tablerecord] cannot be addressed separately in the layout CSS
  71. IX-5602: Button
    Display links to other applications does not return results
  72. IX-6223: Search
    Not all search suggestions are shown as the browser expects a suggestion in one language (e.g. "de") but this language is not populated in the index and is therefore empty
  73. IX-6209: SystemCare - Diagnosis
    Predefined diagnosis filenames are not meaningful
  74. IX-6216: View table - Export
    Does not work
  75. IX-5306: Tab index
    First edit field is not selected when the page is loaded Erstes Eingabefeld ist beim Laden der Seite nicht fokusiert
  76. IX-6078: Tab menu
    Preallocating parameters causes errors
  77. IX-5785: Element templates
    are no longer shown after a software update
  78. IX-5759: Multiple selection
    Error message: If there are multiple entries with the same key, the .push function does not work
  79. IX-5806: Upgrade
    Cannot open page as a tooltip
  80. IX-5816: TinyMCE editor
    is not handled properly if the Display if condition met is set
  81. IX-5299: Intrexx Share portlets
    Edit pages opened in a tooltip from a portlet stay open when the user clicks on "Save"
  82. IX-6156: Calendar plugin
    If a destination has not been defined for new/existing data records in the drop-down list, the "Edit parameter" is still selectable
  83. IX-6176: Velocity
    VelocityContextUtil.createDefaultContext​(p_ctx) function no longer accepts "null" as a parameter
  84. IX-3484: View table
    Links do not open if the control type is "Color"
  85. IX-5653: Portal import
    Importing a portal from Intrexx version 18.03 with OU 15 fails
  86. IX-5919: Portlets
    Deleting a portlet that is used somewhere else returns an error instead of a notification
  87. IX-6129: Intrexx Share
    Revised styles for distributuion lists such as for group members
  88. IX-6227: "Delete application"
    not possible due to orphaned entries
  89. IX-5030: Edit field in the hidden area
    Default value is not saved if the "Web" setting is not set in the hidden area
  90. IX-3355: "Documents" application template
    Alpha-index filter on the homepage has no title
  91. IX-2563: Web connector
    Context is not saved
  92. IX-6345: WriteContainer
    Filter criteria of a second WriteContainer are deleted as soon as the user opens the properties of any other element and makes changes.
  93. IX-6327: WriteContainer bindings
    Bindings for controls, which are moved in the WriteContainer binding area via drag & drop, are not created despite a correct message after saving, if the Write Container is linked to a data group other than the current one
  94. IX-6155: Connector for dg hyparchive
    If a static value is mapped to a stamp field in the field assignment and the field was previously linked to an Intrexx data field ("Save value in data field" is deactivated), a link to a view page causes an error
  95. IX-6202: Portal export
    Scripts exports ".noexport" directories by default
  96. IX-6306: Tree element
    Wrong style in the baum menu for sub-levels
  97. IX-5608: JavaScript
    getValue method of View checkbox returns incorrect values
  98. IX-5791: Radio button group
    Incorrect "Input required" setting after upgrade
  99. IX-6300: Applications
    Overwriting an existing application with a locally saved application with a new data group causes errors