Create a login button on the portal homepage

The following chapter provides a short description of how you can create login buttons for ID providers and add them to your portal homepage.
More detailed information about buttons is available in the following chapter, among others: More detailed information about portlets is available in the following chapter:

Create the button(s)

Create a view page and add a button for every ID provider you would like to use.
So that the correct authentication process is triggered when the user clicks on a button, you need to define the following settings on the "Actions" tab of the button properties:

Name Description
Jump Select "To URL".
Destination The destination consists of a fixed value and the ID provider specification.

Fixed value

ID provider
Enter the values that you defined in the file om.cfg.

If you have defined <oauth2 name="azuread"> in the file om.cfg, then you need to enter "azuread" after the equals sign:

Add buttons to the homepage

Specify that the view page, which you just added the login button(s) to, can be used as a portlet.

Open the "Portlet and grid settings" of your portal.
Select your new portlet in the portlet pool.

Move the portlet to the desired portlet container via drag & drop.