Client ID and client secret

Once you have added Intrexx to the ID provider as an application, the ID provider generates two identifiers: the client ID and client secret. In this context, "client" refers to the application that communicates with the ID provider (on behalf of the user). In this case, the client is therefore Intrexx. The client ID and client secret are identifiers assigned by OAuth2 that help applications to identify themselves to each other. The client ID is not the user ID. The client ID and client secret are only used to differentiate between applications. A so-called access token is generated for the duration of the communication between the applications.

Configuration: You need to enter the client ID, client secret and the URL (API endpoint) where Intrexx can obtain the access token.

Example - AzureAD
Go to the overview page of the Intrexx app.

Client ID You can see the client ID in the field "Application (client) ID". You can copy the ID to the clipboard via the button on the right.

Client secret In AzureAD, you need to generate the client secret yourself.
Click on "Certificates & secrets".

You will now be on the "Certificates & secrets" page.
Click on "New client secret".

The "Add a client secret" area will appear.
Make the corresponding entries.
Click on "Add".

The client secret is now shown. This corresponds to the client secret that you need to add to the configuration file.
You can copy the client secret to the clipboard via a button.