System requirements


Intrexx has the following minimum requirements:

Portal Server

Minimum hardware requirements

Please note that the files (attachments and archives) used in a portal are stored directly on the server. The memory requirements can therefore, e.g. when using a document management system, increase many times over.


Operating system


The compatibility with the databases mentioned above is guaranteed for the versions that were available as production versions on the release date of Intrexx.

Portal Manager


Operating system

Portal user


Standard web browsers

Mobile devices

Document generation

For manual editing of templates and supporting charts OpenOffice version 4 or higher / LibreOffice version 5 or higher is required.

Integration of external data sources

In some circumstances, functions that are available in applications may not be supported by an external data source. United Provide only provides limited supported for external data access because the system environment, the data source configuration, the technical setup of the external source's database, the underlying database drivers and the data types can vary greatly. Functionality without restrictions can be assummed on the data sources supported by Intrexx: Microsoft SQL Server, Oracle, SAP, PostgreSQL and HSQL.