Configure portal login via identity providers

There are numerous requirements that need to be fulfilled so that the communication between the Intrexx portal server and the ID provider functions correctly for the login processes. These are based on the requirements specified by OAuth2/OpenID.
The Internent provides a lot of information about OAuth2 and OpenID: You need to perform actions in the ID provider and Intrexx to fulfill the communication requirements. The actions you need to perform in the ID provider will be described at a general level in the subsqequent chapters. The specific steps can vary from one provider to the other. Please refer to the online help of your respective ID provider for more information (see our list of links to ID providers).

The subsequent chapters are intended to serve as a guide using AzureAD as an example.
Please note that Microsoft is continually developing AzureAD and therefore, the process described here may vary.
Consult the latest online help from Microsoft as needed.