New in Intrexx Version 19.09

1. General

1.1. Portable setup

The Portal Manager can now be started without being installed. This means it can be used more quickly, the detour via a full Intrexx setup is no longer required. In this format, the Portal Manager can even be started with administrator permissions.

1.2. Intrexx cluster support in setup

The setup now allows you to add the portal server as an instance of an Intrexx cluster. This means it will no longer be necessary to perform the corresponding scripts after the installation.

1.3. Country-specific languages

County-specific languages, such as "English (United Kingdom) can now be selected in the portal properties. Click here for more information.

2. Applications module

2.1. TinyMCE Version 5

In Intrexx Version 19.09, version 5 of the TinyMCE Editor is userd. The toolbar can be created as usual via the dialog but the default configuration provides enough features for the majority of use cases. When a user clicks on "Edit additional configuration", a page now opens where the user is directly in the JavaScript object used to configure the editor. All setting options, which TinyMCE offers, can be used. Please refer to the update documentation for the TinyMCE Editor Version 5. Click here for more information about the configuration.

The design and buttons of the editor have changed, old themes have been removed. The mobile version is automatically selected on mobile devices. The editor can be used in inline mode via a setting.

2.2. Responsive file selection

A new template is available for the view file selection element; this allows the element to behave responsively. Click here for more information about the new settings.

3. Users module

3.1. "Diverse" as a gender option

There is now a third gender option, "Diverse", which can be selected in the properties of each user.