Tools module SystemCare

Select required files. Any passwords contained in the files will be deleted.

A list of log files and configuration directories can be packed together and prepared to be sent to the Support team.

First column

Activate the checkbox for files or directories that have been requested to help solve your support case.

Description column

Displays a description of the diagnosis process.

History column

Displays the timeframe of older log files that will be included in the diagnosis packet.

Last column

If older log files are available, you can determine the timeframe here.

Opens a drop-down list where the timeframe of older log files can be selected.

Select all
Activates every checkbox in the first column.

Deselect all
Deactivates every checkbox in the first column.


Select the portal that the diagnosis should be performed for.

Select required information for a specific portal

This list is structured and functions the same as the list above but here, the log files of the portal can be added to the diagnosis packet.

Save information

Opens a dialog where a directory, where the diagnosis packet should be stored as a ZIP file, can be selected.