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In the global texts area, the default texts that appear in the portal can be modified in each of the portal languages.

Meta tags

With meta tags, information for web servers, browsers, and automatic search programs on the internet can be provided. Meta tags are HTML tags that describe the contents of an HTML page. Search engines will, with the help of meta tags, create entries in their databases or calculate weightings in a list of hits.

United Planet assumes no liability for errors made while editing meta tags.

Defined meta tags

All of the portal's meta tags are listed here.

Add meta tag
Opens a dialog, where a new meta tag can be created.

Remove meta tag
Removes the meta tag currently selected.

Edit meta tag
Opens a dialog, where the meta tag can be edited.

Move up / Move down
Modify the order that the meta tags are written to the HTML in.


The title is written in the "<title>" tag of each portal page.

Other languages
Opens a dialog where the title can be entered in each portal language. The multilingual title cannot be connected to global language constants.

Meanings of meta tags


The description may not exceed 200 characters. In the "Description" tag you will enter information about the company, product, people, or page contents.


Keywords consist of individual words or expressions and should be separated with commas. With these keywords, the contents of the page will be summarized and output in variations. Select some appropriate formulations that a user would search for on the internet in order to find a page of your portal.

Robots (Instructions for search engines)

Here you will define how the page will be handled by robots, which index pages for search engines. There are a large number of additional meta types of information that can be entered. For more information on the topic, please search for literature on the topic of web design or the internet.

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