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Any number of languages can be activated for your portal.

Country-specific languages

With this setting, localized languages such as "English (United Kingdom) can be used. When you click on "OK", the internal global language constants will be adjusted and supplemented ergänzt. Intrexx checks whether the parent language of the localized language is already in the portal, i.e. "English" in this example. If this is not the case, Intrexx checks whether there is another localized version of the language in the portal, such as "English (United States)". If this cannot be found either, the default portal language is used to create the new global language constants.

Available languages

This list shows all of the languages that can be selected.

Selected languages

This list shows all of the languages that have been activated for this portal.

Move the currently selected language from one list to the other.

Modify the order of the languages, e.g. for the Language switch drop-down list.

Default language

The default language is used if, for example, language data for element titles is missing for the selected language. The default language is entered automatically as the default language for a newly created user to begin with.

More information

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