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JavaScript / Groovy / Velocity

At various points in Intrexx (e.g. applications or processes) script editors for JavaScript, Groovy and Velocity can be opened. Alternatively, you can also integrate other, external editors if required.

Intrexx editor

With this option, the corresponding Intrexx script editor will be used.

External editor

The external editor specified here will be opened and used at the various points in Intrexx.

In each case, opens a dialog where the external editor can be selected.

If a file (such as the JavaScript file for the application) is opened in an external editor, the script button cannot be used as long as the external editor is running. The external editor writes to a temporary file first, which will be applied to the application only after the editor is closed. Please do not change the temporary file name. Use the Save function in the external editor.

Parameters for the paths for external editors

Entering the parameter ${file} is usually not required; however, it can be entered if the external editor expects or supports additional parameters after the file name. The file path must be enclosed in quotation marks, the parameters follow thereafter. With the setting "Field suggestion list in Groovy editor inserts ValueHolder" the Field suggestion list in the Groovy editor inserts "g_record["GUID"]". If the setting is not enabled, the Field suggestion list inserts "g_record["GUID"].value".

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