Velocity file manager

You can reach this dialog in various ways:
Applications module Edit menu / Edit script
Applications module VTL Include element Properties Settings tab / Select Velocity file
Applications module View table Properties Options tab / Display "File export" / Edit Button properties / General tab / Export / Edit user-defined template Template properties / General / Select Velocity file
Applications module File selection Properties General tab / Template: Custom view / Select Velocity file Select Velocity file / Refer to Velocity file from the application package / Select Velocity file

Displays a menu with which directories or Velocity script files can be created. Furthermore, you can also import externally created Velocity script files.

Opens the script editor where the currently selected script file can be edited.

Every element in the Velocity file manager can be moved to the desired position via drag & drop. If you select an existing directory, you can then create subdirectories.

Deletes the currently selected element.


At the bottom of the dialog, the text, which is defined as a comment at the beginning of the Velocity file, is automatically shown.

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