Free layout table properties - Options tab

Applications module Free layout table element Properties


Enter a title for the free layout table here. Click here for more information about defining titles.

General settings

Display records

Here, you can choose between the following HTML elements:

Number of records per page

Here, you can define the maximum number of data records that will be shown on one page in the browser. If -1 is entered here, all data records will be displayed.

Expand to maximum available width

Adjusts the width of the table to its surrounding elements.

Display text if no data set exists

With this setting, a text will be displayed when there is no data available.

Floating arrangement

This option is only available when the setting "Div" is selected from the Display records drop-down list. In the default setting, data records in free layout tables are arranged one beneath the other. With the floating arrangement, data records are shown next to one another and a line break is added as soon as the end of the row is reached.

Display title

If this is selected, the title of the free layout table will be displayed above the table in the end device.

Opens a dialog where the table header can be formatted.


Information about the settings in this area can be found here.