Free layout table properties - Data tab

Applications module Free layout table element Properties



The current application is already selected.

Opens a dialog where a filter can be defined which will restrict the data to be displayed.

Data group

Select the data group whose values will be displayed in the table.

Display dependent rows

Displays the corresponding data records from subordinate data groups.


Page for single data records

Select the page you would like to use in the free layout table. This page is repeated in the table to present each data record.

For new records / For existing records

Reload table

If new records are generated via the "Insert data record" button action, you can define whether the table should be reloaded to display the new or existing data records, respectively.

Open link

With this setting, the link, which is defined as the link destination of any buttons contained in the integrated edit page, will be opened.


The data fields defined for the table's sorting are displayed here.

Opens a dialog where the table's sorting can be defined.