Intrexx Share plugin - Display in desktop browsers

Applications module Data groups Properties Plugins tab / Create new Share plugin Continue to Display in desktop browsers dialog

Create new page

Here, you have the ability to create a new page for desktops. This will be used to display the feedsfrom the current data group and application in Intrexx Share.

Please note that the width of the feed should be strictly adhered to in order to avoid unwanted layout changes in Intrexx Share.

The height of the feed can vary, according to the content. You should however take care not to include too much information in the feed. If detailed information is required, you have the option to open tooltips, etc, from buttons on the feed.

Click to edit the headline

Opens a dialog where you can define the title.

Click to edit the view elements

Opens a dialog where the view elements can be selected or created for the new page.

Click to edit the navigation buttons

Opens a dialog where the navigation buttons can be configured for the new page.

Please note: no permissions will have been set up and the access permissions will still need to be assigned on a view page.

Select existing page

With this option, an existing page can be selected to be displayed in Intrexx Share. Please make sure the page has a layout suitable for Intrexx Share.

New entry

You also have the ability to enter new data records from the Intrexx Share application, which will be automatically saved in the application where you set up the plugin.

Select an edit page for a new entry
Opens a dialog where a suitable edit page for creating new data records can be selected. Please make sure the page has a layout suitable for Intrexx Share.

Do not offer creation of new entries
With this setting, new entries cannot be created.

Global search

From Intrexx Share 2.0, you have the ability to select a custom view page for displaying the post in the global search. If a page is not selected here or Share (Version 2.0 or higher) is not already in the portal, the standard feed view page will be used for the post.

Use default page of the post

The standard feed view page is used for the post

Select custom page

A user-defined page can be selected for displaying the post in the global search.

Display application information in post

This option defines whether the application's title should be shown in the post or not. In Share 1.1, the application's title will be shown in the header; from Intrexx Share 2.0, in the footer.