View file selection properties - General tab

You can reach this dialog in the following ways:
Applications module View file selection Properties
Applications module View table Properties Data tab / Add column / Data field Select column / Select a "File" data field Data tab / Select "File" as control type / Edit column

Title / Title from constants

Provide the element with a title. Click here for more information about defining titles.

Edit text alternative
Opens a dialog where text can be entered that will be displayed on devices that cannot display images.


In this area, you can select templates for the presentation of the files in the browser - as is the case with the File selection element. In this case as well, if you select the "Custom view" template, you can use your own Velocity file for the presentation.

Select Velocity file
Opens a dialog where a Velocity file can be selected that should be used as a custom template (custom view).

Enable download

Users can download the files with this option.

Save as...

Users can save the files after downloading them.

Open in browser

Users can open the files in the browser after they have downloaded them.

Open in new window

When the file is opened, it will open in a new window with this setting.

Expand to maximum available width

Adjusts the width of the element to its surrounding elements. This setting is only available if one of the templates highlighted in red is selected.

Handling of images in emails


Images from the File selection will be treated as an attachment.


Images will be embedded by the File selection

Click here for more information about the additional settings.