File selection properties - Presentation tab

Applications module File sorting Properties

Display thumbnail

With this setting, every image uploaded with the file selection is automatically made smaller and shown as a thumbnail in view tables.

Display link to image in full size

Provided it has already been saved, the image will be shown in its original size in a new window when the user clicks on the image. This setting can only be selected, if the setting "Enable download" is not activated on the General tab.

Rotate images in original size

Rotates the image in its original size.

Rotate images

Analyzes the image orientation and rotates it accordingly.

Maximum size

Define the maximum height and width that an image can take up in pixels. Larger images are reduced proportionally but smaller images will not be changed.

Crop image

The image's width and height will be adjusted based on the surrounding element.

Enlarge smaller images

If this setting is selected as well, smaller images are enlarged to the preset maximum size.

Optimize files for thumbnails

Causes the file size to be reduced in order to speed up loading the application page.

Thumbnails for files

If the uploaded file is not an image, you can decide how the thumbnails will be shown here.