Element properties - "Binding" tab

Applications module Edit field or view field Properties

1. Control type

Select the desired control type here.

Data type: String

Data type: Integer

Data type: Double

Data type: Date/time

Information about control types that can only be used in view tables can be found here.

2. Displayed value

Here, you can define which value of the current element should be displayed.

2.1. Static

The element displays the defined default values.

2.2. Data field

Data field

Select the desired data field. Data fields from parent data groups are shown in italics.

Select a data field from a parent data group
Opens a dialog where a data field from a parent data group can be selected.

2.3. Session / Request / Processing context


In each case, enter the name of the request, session variable or variable from the processing context, whose value should be displayed.

2.4. User


A data field from the User Manager can be selected as the displayed value.

2.5. System data group


Select the application that contains the system data group.

Data field

Select the corresponding data field.

2.6. Parameter


The parameters that the page requires can be selected here.

2.7. Other


Custom bindings can be entered here. A binding consists of at least one BindingEntry that is denoted as follows:
Multiple BindingEntries can be linked together with periods, such as
From the second BindingEntry onwards, you can also use single value BindingEntries, such as

3. Default

Default values are used if the binding does not return a value. For checkboxes, the settings for the default values are not on the "Binding" tab but on the "Options" tab.

For new data records / For existing data records

With these settings, default values can be defined for new or existing data records, respectively.

Edit default value
Opens a dialog in each case where the default value can be defined.

Apply default value
Transfer the respective defined default value to the other setting.