Image scaling

Intrexx automatically scales uploaded images at various points, such as in the file selection or file sorting. Both of these elements are available in the Applications module.

Alternatively, Intrexx can also use ImageMagick to scale them. If you have ImageMagick installed on your system, we will show you which installation options are possible here:

1. Environment variable

Set the system environment variable "MAGICK_HOME" to the Intrexx installation directory.

2. System property

A property can be written via the file "portal.wcf"; this can be found in the Intrexx portal directory "internal/cfg". The property "de.uplanet.imagemagick.convert" must be set to the executable to be used (magick.exe or convert.exe or bin/convert). Example:
More information:

3. Installed in the default directory

If ImageMagick is installed in the default directory, Intrexx will automatically find it there.

mac OS






Check whether Intrexx is using ImageMagick

Intrexx enters an INFO in the portal.log file when ImageMagick is used for the first time. If you want to check whether Intrexx uses ImageMagick, you need to restart the portal service. Then scale any image, e.g. by uploading the image with a file selection element to automatically create a thumbnail. The corresponding INFO is then written in the portal.log. Here is an example of an entry in the portal.log:
INFO 2021-07-27T07:46:38,295Z - de.uplanet.lucy.server.util.image.ImageUtil[http-nio-]
ImageMagick has been found.

Refresh / delete thumbnails

Existing thumbnails can be deleted with the file "refreshfilemetadata.bat", which you can find in the installation directory "bin/windows". As soon as the old thumbnail is opened again in the browser, the new thumbnail is created. To do this, start the command prompt (cmd) by right-clicking to run it as administrator. Then enter the path to the file "refreshfilemetadata.bat", then a space and then the path to the portal.


c:\intrexx\bin\windows\refreshfilemetadata.bat c:\intrexx\org\portal