Windows / Linux - Install Intrexx automatically

An Intrexx installation can be automated. The automatic installation works almost identically on Windows and Linux systems. The Linux option is described below.

Start the script "" in the Intrexx setup with the parameter -t. The console installation will open. You first go through this as usual, selecting the configuration you want to use later in the automated process.

After the installation is complete, you will need the "" file from the installation directory installer/cfg. The file contains the installation configuration you selected.

The following command can now be used to automate an installation with identical settings:
> -t --configFile=${}
Creating a portal automatically works in a very similar way. You need the script "" from the installation directory bin/linux for this. Run the script with the -t parameter and configure a portal according to your needs. Just before completing the setup process, you will be asked if you want to save the configuration to a file. Save the configuration and specify a file path that you can access again later. The configuration is saved as an XML file. A portal can now be created automatically with the following command:
> -t --configFile=${pfad_zur_xml_datei}
Please note that both configuration files may not necessarily be valid for different Intrexx versions. Minor adjustments may have to be made if you want to use the process across multiple Intrexx versions.