Parallel installation

You can install Intrexx 19.03 in a new directory and then transfer your portal from Intrexx 18.03 to Intrexx 19.03. It is common for an upgrade to be installed in a new directory with a planned server change. In this case, the new version is installed on a new, independent server and the old portal is transferred via the portal export/import process. The benefit here is that the system is clean and created without any old burdens. The new system can be migrated completely, and the previous system is still available. The switch to the new server is only made when it is ready to go live. With this option, it is important to remember that all configurations must be remade on the server-side (web server, database, system permissions, etc.).
The following provides an overview of one possible approach to a parallel installation.

Key steps

  1. Install Intrexx 19.03. Create a development portal.
  2. Export your portal from Intrexx 18.03 and import this into the Intrexx 19.03 development portal.
  3. Test your applications in Intrexx 19.03.
    Make any required changes to the applications.
    Your current Intrexx 18.03 live portal is still operational and can be accessed by your users. Any data recorded will (continue to) be saved in Intrexx 18.03.
  4. Create an Intrexx 19.03 live portal.
    Export the portal from Intrexx 18.03 once more and import it into the Intrexx 19.03 live portal.
  5. If changes needed to be made to applications, then transfer these from the Intrexx 19.03 development portal to the Intrexx 19.03 live portal.
  6. You can now deploy the Intrexx 19.03 live portal as an "active" portal.
  7. In general, we recommend creating a test portal alongside the live and development portals.
    This can be done by exporting the from Intrexx 19.03 live portal and importing this into the created test portal.
You should not delete your Intrexx 18.03 portal just yet.
Background: If users notice unwanted changes concerning configurations or permissions for directories when using the Intrexx 19.03 portal, you can revert to the settings from Intrexx 18.03 as appropriate.