Changelog for Online Update no. 25

Installation Software update

Bugfixes and features - released on 09.09.2021

  1. Update to patch level 25
  2. IX-9317: Kopieren
    Problem: Copying pages with tables and dependencies loses onload event.
    Solution: If a page triggers a dependency and is copied, then in the future the copy of the page will also trigger the dependency there.
  3. IX-10428: Open application file
    Problem: Optimized publishing causes problems when an application is overwritten by a local working copy.
    Solution: The links now work properly again once the application has been opened.
  4. IX-12630: Connector for dg hyparchive
    Problem: dg Hyparchive login box: Layout not ideal.
    Solution: The login box now has fixed styles that do not clash with the layout.
  5. IX-12767: Consume data
    Problem: Sorting data sources can cause problems when viewing data sources after restarting the Portal Manager.
    Solution: The list of data sources is now displayed in full again even if the table was previously sorted.
  6. IX-12880: Portal properties / Number format
    Problem: The "No leading zero" option has no effect in the portal settings.
    Solution: Option is recognized again.
  7. IX-13308: Performance
    Problem: When dragging and dropping multiple drop-down lists onto the workspace, the memory usage increases noticeably.
    Solution: Memory requirement in the properties dialog for drop-down lists has been optimized.
  8. IX-13310: Performance
    Problem: When dragging and dropping multiple listboxes onto the workspace, the memory usage increases noticeably.
    Solution: Memory requirement in the properties dialog listboxes has been optimized.
  9. IX-13335: Performance
    Problem: When dragging and dropping a search control onto the workspace, the memory usage increases noticeably.
    Solution: Memory requirement for the search control has been optimized.
  10. IX-13387: Data groups
    Problem: Automatic renaming of DB tables causes errors in references.
    Solution: Name checking is no longer case-sensitive.
  11. IX-13577: View field with "Web application" as the control type
    Problem: Pressing ALT + . automatically inserts URL as http:// instead of https://.
    Solution: URL is now inserted with https://.
  12. IX-13634: Search
    Problem: Clicking on "More results" provides additional results twice.
    Solution: No more duplicate search results when using the "More results" button.
  13. IX-13682: Data mapping
    Problem: Does not recognize language constant as search field title.
    Solution: Constants now also work as titles in result table columns..
  14. IX-13703: Online Update
    Problem: "Publishallapplications" does not transform application styles.
    Solution: Application styles are now copied to the right place.
  15. IX-13732: Import layout
    Problem: Error with "Select all layouts" action.
    Solution: Error has been corrected.
  16. IX-13749: WriteContainer
    Problem: Unnecessary attributes in the WriteContainer create warnings in the "Problems" area.
    Solution: Unnecessary details of WriteContainers are removed during patching.
  17. IX-13765: "Users" system application
    Problem: Intrexx data group names can be changed in the user application via the dialog.
    Solution: Changing the data group name is now no longer possible via the dialog.
  18. IX-13775: JavaScript
    Problem: Values lose their data type when read from tables.
    Solution: Date and number values in view tables can be read via the table API with getValue (String) or getJsValue (Date / Number).
  19. IX-13808: Dateiauswahl-Ansicht
    Problem: Style class entry on "Style" tab.
    Solution: The style class is adjusted to the new template when the template is changed as long as the style class has not been adjusted by the user.
  20. IX-13841: Online Update
    Problem: Generating share.js that is no longer used causes publishall to fail.
    Solution: Removed incorrect generation of share.js which is no longer needed.
  21. IX-13862: View table / Link destination / Exception handling
    Problem: "Enter *empty* if value is missing" no longer works.
    Solution: Column links in tables with empty text from data fields now show *empty* again.
  22. IX-13879: Portlets
    Problem: Portlets can be changed without authentication.
    Solution: Intrexx now checks whether the user is logged in to the portal and only then saves the data.
  23. IX-13889: Free layout table - Actions
    Problem: Tooltip from free layout table closes again automatically.
    Solution: If an action within the free layout table should be reloaded, any open tooltips of data records are now kept open and not closed automatically.
  24. IX-13907: Connector API
    Problem: Error when updating a child record.
    Solution: Error has been corrected.
  25. IX-13919: Global timer - Schedule
    Problem: Invalid rule.
    Solution: "Every x weeks" option has been removed.
  26. IX-13925: Copy
    Problem: Error while pasting a copied page to the top level.
    Solution: Copying and pasting view pages to the top level is now possible again.
  27. IX-13928: Global search
    Problem: The additional control prevents repeated opening of the complete tooltip or page and only updates the search term and results table. If the search term is not change, then the search scrolls through the results.
    Solution: Tooltip or page are now generally closed and reopened. The results stay the same.
  28. IX-13942: Expert - Filter
    Problem: Distinct filter does not work in XML editor for some controls.
    Solution: Filter in expert mode can be saved again.
  29. IX-13947: Data group that is a child of an external data group
    Problem: After publishing, it is no longer possible to edit child data groups below external data groups.
    Solution: Intrexx child data groups can now be edited again.
  30. IX-13954: Chart
    Problem: Line values cannot be added to the "Combination" chart type.
    Solution: For the chart type "Other" - "Combination line - Column", line values can now be configured again.
  31. IX-14002: Create portal
    Problem: Jars delivered by us with an expired certificate are no longer included in the class path.
    Solution: The problem has been fixed. The jars are now taken into account even if the certificate has expired.
  32. IX-14017: Tree
    Problem: Links are not generated correctly during asynchronous reloading.
    Solution: Links are now generated correctly.
  33. IX-14060: WriteContainer
    Problem: Binding edit element with a value from a ReadContainer is not saved.
    Solution: Values from the ReadContainer are now read and transferred so that they can be read by the WriteContainer when saving.
  34. IX-14070: Application permissions
    Problem: When checking permissions using a permission filter, not only was the permission filter checked but also the permission for the "own records" option.
    Solution: When the permission filter is set, the permissions for the "own records" option are no longer taken into account. The permission filter is defining.
  35. IX-14079: Binding
    Problem: A control binding with "name" instead of "control GUID" does not work for links and fallback values.
    Solution: Control bindings with names are now resolved.
  36. IX-14080: Send email - Recipients
    Problem: Address from address field is difficult to read.
    Solution: The drop-down lists for data field and type for the recipient type "Address from email field" are now arranged one below the other and therefore have more space for long data field titles.
  37. IX-14081: "Style" tab
    Problem: Styles from layouts are not shown in the preview.
    Solution: Preview of style classes from the layout works again.
  38. IX-14197: Tree menu
    Problem: Dependent tree menu with menu folder that a) has sub-items and b) jumps to an application does not indent sub-menu items correctly.
    Solution: When building the menu, care is taken to treat this item as a menu folder and not just a menu item. The change is visual in nature and only plays a role in very old layouts.
  39. IX-14203: Date picker
    Problem: Write-protected date field can be overwritten by the date picker.
    Solution: A date field now checks to see if it is read-only before opening the date picker. If this is the case, no date picker is opened.
  40. IX-14224: Data group index
    Problem: If an index name from an application differs from the index name in the database during import, it was previously logged that the index already existed on the database (with a different name but going to the same columns). The index was then not recreated. In the Intrexx metadata, however, the name is changed to the new name.
    Solution: Instead of logging a warning, the old index is now removed and the index is created with a new name.
  41. IX-14300: Application import
    Problem: Importing applications via the MacOS Portal Manager was not possible due to invisible message boxes.
    Solution: Message boxes are now displayed correctly for Mac and do not prevent the import from continuing.
  42. IX-14321: Generate documents
    Problem: Error due to incorrect validation for URLs. Occurs when the URL has no mailto prefix and the URL is less than 7 characters.
    Solution: Error in URL validation has been fixed.
  43. IX-14326: Elements - Templates
    Problem: Null pointer exception for element templates that use the same application constant.
    Solution: Error has been corrected.
  44. IX-14330: Copy
    Problem: Button triggers dependency but is not specified as the triggering control in the properties dialog of the dependency.
    Solution: The copied button is now listed as a triggering control in the dependency as well. The triggering event was already defined in the button before the fix and already worked correctly at runtime.
  45. IX-14351: Online Update
    Problem: When styles were assigned to active menu items in drop-down menus, they might not reset properly - it seemed like there were 2 active menu items in the top level.
    Solution: Explicitly remove the "selected" style class when clicking on another menu item.
  46. IX-14357: Expert attributes
    Problem: Text area in the table does not accept the additional data attributes set on the Expert tab.
    Solution: "data" attributes are now transferred.
  47. IX-14386: Performance
    Problem: Multiple reading of user information causes performance problems.
    Solution: User information is read and reused only once in a request.
  48. IX-14405: View table - Navigation
    Problem: If there are several tables with navigation elements on one page, all tables will be changed when scrolling. This is not immediately noticeable because the tables that are not involved are not reloaded.
    Solution: When scrolling, only the table connected to the navigation element changes.
  49. IX-14412: Email action - Content
    Problem: Context was not set before workflow in VMI.
    Solution: So that access to the context is possible again, it is now set at the right time.
  50. IX-14482: Delete application
    Problem: Application with an external data group can no longer be deleted - server runs in an infinite loop.
    Solution: External data groups are now taken into consideration so that there is no longer an infinite loop.